Friday, February 4, 2011

Two posts in one day? She must be on crack...

All I really wanted was to post some here ya go:

Random Observations: Part I

1) I'm a total spaz...I shaved today. And since I was in a hurry and used a new razor, I nicked myself a few times. It was in the usual areas: ankle, shin, and knee...but on BOTH legs. Well, I forgot about them by the time I got out of the tub. I dry off a bit, throw on my (freshly washed) bathrobe, and go to my room to check my phone. I sit down and notice I have blood on my leg. I move my robe to find my legs looking as if I just walked off the set of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. There was so much blood. AND I got blood all over my bathrobe. Sadness. Also, I have "the itch." Lovely.

2) Have any of you seen that commercial on CBS about going to get a prostate exam? OMG...creepiest commercial ever! "This year, forget about diamonds...give her the family jewels." How does that guy sleep at night? It's just weird.

3) I know I've really been slacking lately, but I have a really good excuse. See, my computer at home sucks big fat donkey dick and is slower than molasses in February. So I hate using it for anything other than playing turns on KoL. RD's computer is in his basement, or what I affectionately refer to it as, The Ice Dungeon. Seriously, there are days when it is warmer outside than it is down there...and keep in mind, it's winter in Western PA. I really don't have a lot of good outlets with which to bring my blogging goodness to you. So, unless one of you is willing to buy me a laptop, you'll just have to suffer with my laziness.

4) I would post more, but I have an hour and a half to take a poop, get a shower, get dressed, put on my make-up, and dry/straighten my hair before I leave to run errands...not a lot of time for me. Guarantee I will not leave the house until after 1, my target time. I have absolutely no concept of time at all. I'm late for everything. It really sucks.