Thursday, August 18, 2011

Let's get these teen hearts beating. Faster, faster...

Holy shit! I'm not dead! Haha. Sorry...just haven't really had the inspiration to write. However, me and the bf are having a bit of a fight and I'm feeling really sad, so I thought I would vent...and post something I came across in some of my old high school stuff. It's a little diddy (not about Jack and Diane) that an ex (my first serious boyfriend) wrote to me. He was an amazingly sweet guy that I did not deserve in the slightest and whose heart I fractured into a million little pieces. Ironically, I have not had anything sweeter written to/about me since this. Guess that's my little FU from karma. Anywho, here it is.

The way her hair points down into her eyes.
How her smile can appear and disappear at complete randomness.
How when she remembers something, her whole body is alert.
How she walks, so careless and graceful, when she has no real objective.
How she and her dad notice the littlest things with each other.
How when she is with Jenny*, I almost see the motherhood in her.
How she says "I love you, too" so quietly and serenely.
How she lays her head on my chest
The way she tries to disguise certain things, but isn't embarrassed when I figure out what they are.
How she knows when I get jealous and tries to change it for me.
How she writes her thoughts and isn't ashamed of it.
How she makes everything seem like it's going to be okay, no matter what it is.
How she makes light of all unemotionally painful situations.
How I occasionally remember that she's a part of me when I feel low, and then feel an uncontrollable desire to see her.
The way her frame feels in mine, absorbed in emotion, her lips on mine, the impulsive kisses and hugs
When she pokes me (yes, I love it)
How she gets a look of joyful defeat when I poke her last
How she respects every bad mistake I've made
When she thinks about me; when she knows she needs to.
She's tall. I finally have someone tall to hug!
How she knows she can keep the promises she makes.
Her. I just love her so much.

*My youngest sister...not her real name. She was about a year old or so when we were dating.