Thursday, September 30, 2010

An Award...I has one!

And chances are, if you're reading this, you have one too!

This lovely award was given to me by the lovely Steph G. Since I got this, here's what I have to do:

1 - grab the award and post it on your blog with the name of the person who awarded it to you

2 - pay it forward to 15 other blogs that you've discovered

3 - contact those bloggers and tell them they've been chosen for the one lovely blog award!

So, here they are. Congrats guys!
There are also some men I would like to acknowledge, but that button is a little girly. So here is your award.

And these winners are:
Now I just have to tell everyone they won...yea. Haha.


    Paige said...

    thanks so much for the award!

    HolyJuan said...

    I would first like to thank my grand children, who have yet to be born, but who will, in time, travel back and take out the man who will kill me in a bar fight.

    Second I would like to thank my great grand children who will travel back in time as well to kill the man who kills my grand kids to save my future life.

    (It goes on for a while after this so I'll just travel back in time and delete the rest.)

    Tara said...

    Thank you :)

    Yeah..the name sounded good in my head but isn't so great for sharing *rolls eyes* Intimate Ramblings is the mini title I now use anyways.

    Ms. Co-dependent said...

    Haha...I just realized I said "this lovely this lovely [person]." Didn't mean for that little pun.

    Also, you are all welcome. I'm just glad I had 15 blogs in my reader and I didn't have to go searching. Lol. But I did leave some people out, so you can still feel special.

    Amy said...

    Thanks for the award :)
    I'm going to pass on the post about it because I've done it before! But I really appreciate it!

    Ms. Co-dependent said...

    @Amy: No problem. I know most of the people I gave it to have gotten it before. It's hard when most of the blogs I read have been around for a while.

    Sara said...

    Thank you, doll! : )

    I'm adding it to my awards page now! SHAZAM!

    JoJo said...

    Thanks for the award!