Thursday, September 16, 2010

What is bought is cheaper than a gift.

The other day, my boyfriend asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I've always hated that question. I never know what to say. There are lots of things I want, but I don't like telling people because it makes me feel selfish. I told him I didn't know. He's like, "I could pay for your car to be fixed." I just gave him a look. He quickly back-pedaled, saying that would be kind of impersonal. Really? Ya think? Anywho, I told him that I wanted him to get me something he thinks I would like. I want something that, whenever I look at it, I can distinctly remember when I got it, who gave it to me and my reaction. Like my Christmas gift from him.

Last Christmas he bought me a Kindle. At the time, they were still expensive. Of course, now they're going for just under $200, but they were around 300 back then. Anyway, I didn't think I was getting one. I had originally told my parents I wanted one, but then I saw how much they were and knew they couldn't afford it. So I gave up hope of receiving it. On Christmas Day we were over at my house with my family, opening gifts. I get to one of the one's RD got me. I ripped off the paper and saw it was an Amazon box. I think the first words out of my mouth were "I'm going to kill you." I finally got the box open and there it was: My Kindle. I cried. I couldn't believe it. Even my mom got a little teary. We knew how much it was. That was a huge gesture.

I'm one of those people who gives really personal gifts. For that Christmas, I got him tickets to a Cleveland Cavs game, since he hadn't been to one yet, and there were rumors of King James leaving. For his birthday, I got him a new Led Zeppelin Stairway to Heaven shirt, since his got ruined. It took me forever to find that shirt. I think the best thing I got him, though, has to be the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, leather-bound, 50th anniversary edition. He's even said it's the best gift he's ever gotten.  I'm also being an awesome girlfriend again with his birthday coming up. (It's a week after mine.)

So when it comes to gifts that I receive, I like them to be just as personal. I want to see that he paid attention during the million times I've mentioned I want to see Chelsea Handler when she comes to town. Or when I pointed out the Pandora bracelet billboard and said "Those bracelets are so pretty."  I've also mentioned a bunch that I would like to maybe be a pastry chef and open my own bakery. It would be nice to see he paid attention and have him get me some book about baking, etc. But I'll never tell him any of these things. Why? Because I need to know that he actually listens to me when I talk. I know that I tend to ramble and go on unbelievable tangents when I tell stories. I know it's sometimes really hard to follow along with me. But it would be nice to know that he doesn't automatically zone out as soon as I start talking.

Wow...see what I mean about tangents? I started talking about my birthday, and now I'm rambling about how I'm not sure if my boyfriend listens to me. I think it's time to end this blog now.

What are some of the best gifts you've ever gotten? Or given? Either one, or both, will work.

Later lovelies!


Amy said...

Unfortunately my boyfriend kind of sucks in the gift department. I am an AMAZING gift giver... I'll say it... I am, people are always really excited, I nail it on the head most of the time.

My boyfriend... the first Christmas together got me Grey's Anatomy on DVD... I REALLY* wanted it, but I got it from my Brother, and he knew I would get it already, I can't even remember what he got me my first birthday together, and our first anniversary he got me perfume (typical but good), and our second Christmas... this weird scarf thing that is a scarf/blanket that is MASSIVE... I've never used it more than once to be nice.

His best gift he got me was a Sirus Satellite Radio... it was super thoughtful because he knows I love listening to the radio in my car, and I spend a lot of time in my car.

I generally tell him what I want, last Christmas he got my a ring I really wanted, but I pretty much had to give him my size and tell him which store it was in.

I wish he was more intuitive and thoughtful with gifts.... but what can you do? He's also a student and poor because of it, so I usually spend big bucks on him, when he spends barely anything on me.

I'm not selfish, but it's nice to get something from your significant other... so I feel your pain!!!

I just want him to get me something I really want without having to point it out or ask for it!

My birthday is also coming up so I'm very curious to see what he gets me!

Ms. Co-dependent said...

@Amy: I'm sorry you had to get that horrible scarf/blanket. My first birthday with him was pretty good: Coco Chanel perfume, Coach wristlet and a gold Coach bracelet that I really need to wear more often...he spent a lot. Fortunately, he's a systems engineer for a software company, so he makes lots of money. Let me know if you get anything good/horrible.

JoJo said...

I used to care want my husband to pick out gifts by himself too but then he kept getting them rong that I had to make my hints way more obvious and practically tell him what I want.

I would say the best gift I got was the ring on my finger...he did good with that one ;-).

Ms. Co-dependent said...

@JoJo: Yeah...I'd say that was a good one, too.