Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The stink-bugs made me do it!!!

I just had a 15 minute show-down with a stink-bug. I don't know where some of you live, but here, in Cranberry, PA, we have a stink-bug problem right now. Since the weather is getting cooler, they're trying to go where it's warm, aka your house. I think they should go to Del Boca Vista. Go bother gram and gramps for a while. Stop terrorizing us entophobics (fear of flying insects). It's ridiculous.

What sucks is that the screen door on the back deck is a POS, and the weather strip leaves an inch gap on both the top and bottom. So, if the storm door is open, they can still get in. It's beautiful outside, but I can't enjoy it because of the mother fucking stink-bugs. At least two get in every day. I want to scream.

And they are the calmest bugs in the world. It was on the top of the curtain and I wanted it to move so that I had a better shot of trapping it under the cup. (You can't squish them...they get all stinky.) So I tried shaking the curtain. Nothing. I swung the door open and closed a few times. Still nothing. Finally, I started blowing on it, and it decided it didn't like that. It slowly started to crawl up. I thought "Yay! When it gets onto the wall, I can trap it." Haha. No such luck. It stopped when it reached the ledge of the trim. It proceeded to crawl back and forth on the trim for the next 15 minutes or so. Finally, FINALLY, it started down the side and I was able to trap it. I was going to be nice and take it back outside, but that little fucker pissed me off. So I took him to his watery grave.

Diagram of the crime scene.


JoJo said...

Eeeeeeek!! I just hate bugs!

Amy said...

I think I would much prefer this to the spider situation in my building. We have spider infestations at our side doors and maintenance (I live in an apt. building) hasn't cleaned it up, you literally have to duck to go down the side stairs.
Now that it's getting colder I'm finding more of these little demons in my apartment. Last year it got pretty bad, I actually woke up to one crawling across my neck in the middle of the night last fall (something to look forward to!!)

Good luck with your bug situation!

Ms. Co-dependent said...

@JoJo: Me too!

@Amy: Oh my gosh...I would be freaking out. I would never leave the apartment. At my actual house (where I sometimes live with my family), we get these nasty bugs we call "thousand-leggers." They're the same color as the carpet and move like Speedy Gonzalez. Nasty!

Bi said...

Ugh, we have an "Asian lady beetle" problem in Minnesota, which are basically really ugly lady bugs. They aren't even red!

Love the post! :)

Ms. Co-dependent said...

@Bi: Thanks for the compliment! Several years ago around here there was a massive ladybug infestation. It was the cute ones, but they were EVERYWHERE! Craziness.

Paige said...

thanks for the blog roll should out miss thang! thank god you cuaght that stink bug

Ms. Co-dependent said...

Me too!!

jason said...

I really hate stink bugs also. they really infest in our crops.